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    A great day out in the South Hams with Toddlers

    A great day out in the South Hams with Toddlers
    The South Hams region in South Devon, England, offers a range of attractions and places to visit that are suitable for toddlers. Here are some popular destinations in the South Hams that are toddler-friendly:

    1. Pennywell Farm: Located near Buckfastleigh, Pennywell Farm is a fantastic place for toddlers to get up close and personal with friendly farm animals. They can enjoy feeding, petting, and even cuddling with the animals. The farm also offers tractor rides, indoor and outdoor play areas, and interactive shows.

    2. South Devon Railway: Take a nostalgic steam train ride on the South Devon Railway from Buckfastleigh to Totnes. Toddlers will love the experience of riding a real steam train and watching the countryside pass by. The railway also hosts special events and themed rides throughout the year.

    3. Woodlands Family Theme Park: Situated near Dartmouth, Woodlands Family Theme Park is a large adventure park with rides, indoor play areas, outdoor attractions, and animal encounters. There are age-appropriate rides and play areas suitable for toddlers, making it a perfect day out for the whole family.

    4. Totnes Rare Breeds Farm: This family-friendly farm in Totnes offers a variety of rare and unusual farm animals that toddlers can interact with. They can feed and pet the animals, explore the play areas. The farm also has a  picnic area.

    5. Beaches: The South Hams is known for its beautiful beaches, many of which are family-friendly and suitable for toddlers. Blackpool Sands near Dartmouth, Bigbury-on-Sea, Bantham, South Milton Sands, Hope Cove and North Sands Beach are some popular choices. These beaches have clean sand, shallow waters, and facilities such as toilets and cafés.

    6. Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company: Combine a train ride with a river cruise by taking a trip on the Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company. Toddlers can enjoy a scenic steam train ride followed by a leisurely boat trip on the River Dart, taking in the stunning views along the way.

    7. Dartmoor National Park: While not exclusively toddler-focused, Dartmoor National Park offers plenty of outdoor space for toddlers to explore. Take them on short walks, picnics, or nature hunts to discover the park's natural beauty and wildlife.

    These are just a few examples of toddler-friendly attractions in the South Hams. When planning your visit, consider the specific interests of your toddler and check the opening times, facilities, and any age restrictions for each destination. With its mix of farm experiences, play areas, beaches, and scenic landscapes, the South Hams provides ample opportunities for toddlers to have a memorable and enjoyable time.

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