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    Flying Tips with a 3-4 year old

    Flying Tips with a 3-4 year old

    Following on from my blog Flying with a 2 year old I thought I would write down a few tips from my last trip flying with an almost 4 year old.

    Here is what I packed for him:-

    • iPad & headphones - with movies, tv shows and games downloaded
    • Drinks bottle / snacks 
    • Electronic drawing pad - £8 for 2 from Amazon
    • Colouring book
    • Activity book
    • Sticker book
    • Pencil case with crayons
    • Fidget spinner
    • Magnetic tiles
    • Beach Born Comforters
    • Beach Born Blanket
    • Beach Born Sunnies
    • Game = I chose Mr Pencil as its actually getting him interested in learning to write letters
    • The backpack and water bottle were new for the trip

    In my bag I also packed:-

    • Mess free colouring in by Crayola 
    • New toy construction vehicles he’d not seen
    • Moreore snacks
    • Plus a change of clothes just in case

    How the flight went

    My little one seems to be so distracted by his surroundings (I guess thats normal) that during a flight he maybe can watch a short episode of something or play a game on his iPad.  At home he would watch a whole movie if you let him.  He also played happily on the tray table with his little construction toys.  This also happened when he was 2 and a half so in the future, apart from mountains of snacks, I am going to pack a lot less for him when we travel.

    A few years on from his first flight he was fine to use the toilet on board without any tears.

    On the holiday we did a lot of beach play, went to a playground situated in a sandpit, and spent most of the time in the pool.  Toys he used when in our hotel room or out and about; the little construction toys, the iPad, the stacking cups, a small ball and a sticker book. At night he used his Beach Born Blanket and Comforter.  He still loves them now at almost 4.


    I love to pack as light as possible, especially if travelling alone with two small children, so my biggest takeaway is I do not need as much as I thought I think if you have a variety of snacks and electronic entertainment you'll be fine.

    As always should you have any suggestions to add please let me know and I will be sure to include them in a post.

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