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    Beach Born Muslin Products

    Beach Born Muslin Products

    Muslin fabric is believed to have originated in ancient India in the Middle Ages.  Muslin is an open weave, breathable, lightweight fabric traditionally made with cotton.  Muslin material is used for many things but we use it to make muslin squares, swaddle blankets, blankets and comforters.


    Bamboo muslin is so soft, much softer than cotton and has a luxurious feel often compared to silk.  New babies sensitive skin is more prone to irritation which is why it is better to use soft and gentle fabrics on delicate skin. This highly versatile fabric which is absorbent, quick drying, and hypoallergenic can be used for so many things which is why we love it at Beach Born.


    The Muslin Square

    A muslin square is a small cloth primarily used when you feed a baby to wipe milk away from their mouths. It is also used during winding, usually draped over your shoulder to protect your clothing should they spit up. Bearing in mind how often a newborn feeds in a 24 hour period you could use a lot of these in one day.  Our Muslin Squares are 60cm x 60cm.  You can use your muslin square for so many other things which we will expand on in future posts. 


    The Swaddle Blanket

    A swaddle blanket is a larger version of the muslin square.  Our swaddles are 120cm x 120cm.  They are typically used for swaddling a baby to aid better sleep for newborns, but also as a lightweight blanket, or breastfeeding cover to name just a few.  


    The Muslin Blanket

    Four layers of our silky soft material made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton muslin, and sized 120cm x 120cm.  This blanket can be used as a cot, bed or pram blanket.  This lightweight breathable woven fabric will keep baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


    The Comforter

    The smaller muslin sized 30 x 30cm for tiny hands to grab hold of finished with a silky satin edge makes the perfect comfort blanket and sensory item for babies and small children.


    Which of our muslin products is right for you?



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