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    Rainy day ideas when visiting Salcombe

    Rainy day ideas when visiting Salcombe

    Thanks to British weather we can't guarantee dry summer holidays.  Salcombe and the surrounding areas are generally geared towards the outdoors, so what can you do with your littles if its raining for days on end while on holiday here? We've come up with some rainy day ideas for your visit to the South Hams:

    1. Beach: First of all you can get wellies, and raincoats on and head to the beach, puddle jump, run around and then have a nice hot chocolate afterwards, not forgetting the marshmallows!

    2. Salcombe Outdoor Pool: If you have the timing right and its open Salcombe has a lovely heated outdoor swimming pool that is generally open in the summer months, its fantastic when you get in normally approx 36 degrees, so fine if its raining, it can just be a bit chilly getting out but so worth the effort.

    3. Quayside Leisure Centre: Book a family swim at quayside leisure centre in Kingsbridge, or a session in their soft play area.

    4. Plymouth: The Aquarium in Plymouth or Super Tramp - trampolining centre

    5. Explore Indoor Attractions: The South Hams region offers various indoor attractions that are perfect for rainy days. Visit museums, galleries, or historical sites like Totnes Castle or Dartmouth Museum. These places provide educational and engaging experiences for both children and adults.

    6. Visit Indoor Play Areas: Look for indoor play centers or soft play areas in the South Hams. These venues often have dedicated play zones, slides, ball pits, and climbing frames to keep children engaged and active. It's an excellent opportunity for them to burn off energy while staying dry. Tots Playhouse in Kingsbridge, the soft play at Kingsbridge Leisure Centre, Endsleigh Garden Centre, Woodlands Family Theme park also have a few indoor play areas.

    7. Cinema Experience: Catch a family-friendly movie at the local cinema in Kingsbridge or for more viewing options head to Plymouth. Enjoy the big screen experience and escape into a different world while staying dry indoors.

    8. Board Games and Puzzles: Have a cozy family day indoors playing board games, card games, or solving puzzles. This can be a great way to bond, have fun, and stimulate the mind.

    9. Cooking or Baking: Take advantage of the rainy day to get creative in the kitchen. Involve the kids in cooking or baking activities, making simple treats or meals together. It's a great opportunity to teach them some valuable culinary skills.

    10. Visit Local Libraries: Check out the local libraries in the South Hams, where you can find children's books, storytelling sessions, or other activities suitable for families. It's a peaceful and educational way to spend a rainy day.

    Remember to check the opening hours, availability, and any specific requirements for each activity or attraction before visiting. Rainy days can still be filled with fun, learning, and quality time with your family.

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