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    Stacking Cups for Babies & Toddlers

    Stacking Cups for Babies & Toddlers

    Why are they such a good toy?

    • Stacking cups help your baby or toddler to develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills
    • They will need to make pinching grasps with their fingers to pick up a cup and also will be encouraged to reach or crawl towards cups.

    These little cups will also help to:-

    • Improve hand-eye coordination
    • Improve concentration 
    • Learn how to balance things by placing stacking them on top of each other
    • Cause and effect by knocking them over and seeing if they get picked up again

    Our stacking cups are different colours and have different shapes cut into the base of each cup, such as stars, hearts, squares and circles.

    These toys are fun to use in water or sand play, we always take some on holiday with us as they are lightweight, easy to pack and fun to play with on the beach.

    As they are made from silicone they won't hurt the baby should they fall or land on the cups.

    They are BPA free, washable, dishwasher safe, lightweight and make the perfect travel toy. 

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