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    14 Ways To Use a Muslin Cloth

    14 Ways To Use a Muslin Cloth

    I was given so many muslin cloths as a new mum I didn't think I would ever use them all. However, I quickly discovered how valuable this item was and now use them for literally EVERYTHING!  

    Here are some of the ways to use a muslin square:-

    1. Burp cloth to protect your clothes during a feed.
    2. Changing mat cover to protect babies' skin from the cold mat when doing a nappy change.
    3. Car seat liner for accidents that can happen on the move, a leaking nappy, a little throw-up!
    4. A comforter/security blanket my little one likes to have one in each hand.
    5. A handkerchief for little runny noses. We go through a lot when there are coughs and colds in the house as my little one will not let me blow his nose with a tissue but will happily with a muslin.
    6. A bib for meal times - tie two ends together loosely around the neck.
    7. To wipe hands and face during meal times.
    8. As a towel to dry a little bottom after a nappy change.
    9. Teether - muslin cloths can be put in the freezer and chilled (not completely frozen) so little ones with sore gums can chew to soothe their mouth, or alternatively wrap an ice cube (partially melted) in the muslin for them to chew.
    10. Flannel to wash delicate skin during bathing.
    11. Homemade wet wipes - there are lots of ideas of ingredients to use online.
    12. As a makeshift sunhat, should you forget one and be in a pinch.
    13. The most important one to play peekaboo.
    14. Mum can also use them too, as lots of face cloths are made from muslin fabric, use with your daily cleanser or facewash, or plain water.

     I know I'll be using my Muslin Squares for years to come.


    If you can think of any more ways to use your muslin squares, let me know and I will add them to the list.

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