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    What can I use my Muslin Swaddle for?

    What can I use my Muslin Swaddle for?

    I'm all for not wasting money on an item that you just don't need, and lets face it when we have a baby we have a lot of stuff to buy which is why I love a multi-use product such as the swaddle blanket

    Here are 11 uses for the trusty swaddle blanket, let me know if you can think of any more by sending me a message here.

    1. The obvious first one to swaddle your baby for sleep.  We actually only managed to swaddle our baby for 6 weeks as he was such an escape artist and really didn't seem to like it but it most definitely helped him to settle at night during those first few weeks.
    2. Flat Sheet - to line the bottom of a crib.
    3. Lightweight blanket for naps during the summer time.
    4. Pram Shade - but obviously do NOT cover the whole pram, but to add a little shelter.
    5. Breastfeeding cover - not that I think for one moment you should have to cover up by the way ladies but for some of us we like the privacy.
    6. Muslin swaddles make a great portable tummy time blanket, it gives them something to look at, and protects them from a potentially less than clean floor.
    7. Changing mat cover.
    8. Beach Towel - I find the muslin material so much easier to get the sand off a little ones skin than a normal towel, it doesn't seem to rub quite as much.
    9. For Mum, a sarong, I do this all the time in the summer use the swaddles with fun prints as my beach sarong.
    10. Scarf for Mum, if its a great print then I will wear a swaddle cloth as a large scarf.
    11. Car seat liner to protect the seat from sick or leaking nappies.

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